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Lions of Wyoming Foundation
100% Friends Clubs Honor Roll

The Following Clubs have shown a high level of 
commitment to the Friends of the Foundation Program
by becoming a 100% Club
All members of these clubs are
 Friends of the Foundation.
Casper Lander
Cheyenne Noon Laramie 
Cheyenne Frontier Laramie Plains 
Cheyenne Sunrise Sheridan Sundowners

Big Piney (1) Guernsey (1)     Moorcroft (1)
Cheyenne Noon (2) Lander (2)     Sheridan Sundowners (2)
Cheyenne Sunrise (2) Laramie (2)     Torrington (1)
Gillette AM (1) Laramie Plains (2)

Cheyenne Noon (3)       Lander(3) Sheridan Sundowners (3)
Cheyenne Frontier(2) Laramie Plains (3)
Cheyenne Sunrise
(3)    Lingle-Ft. Laramie (1)

Cheyenne Noon (4)      Douglas(1)               Lingle-Ft. Laramie (2)
Cheyenne Frontier(3)    Greybull (1)              Sheridan Sundowners(4)
Cheyenne Sunrise(4)    Lander (4)                Torrington (2)
Cody(1)       Laramie Plains(4)   Powell(1)

Cheyenne Noon (5)       Lander(5) Sheridan Sundowners(5)
Cheyenne Frontier(4) Laramie Plains(5) Story (1)
Cheyenne Sunrise(5)   Lingle-Ft. Laramie(3) Torrington(3) Dubois (1) Pinedale (1)
2016 Casper Mountain(1) Lander(6) Sheridan Sundowners(6) Cheyenne Noon (6) Laramie Plains (6) Torrington (4) Cheyenne Frontier (5) Lingle-Ft.Laramie (4) Cheyenne Sunrise (6) Pine Bluffs(1)
2017 Byron Laramie Plains(7) Sheridan Sundowners(7)
Cheyenne Sunrise(7)  Douglas Dubois (2)              
Cheyenne Noon(7) Kaycee Powell

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