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Helping Wyoming Lions Clubs Help Others
     One of the major goals of the Lions of Wyoming Foundation is to assist clubs in assisting others.  Funds donated to LoWF will be made available to Wyoming Lions Clubs through grants to assist members of their community with vision and hearing related issues.  This may take several forms.  Click on the links to get details about each process.
Disaster Relief
     Whenever communities experience a disaster whether caused by nature or man, the community, through their Lions Club or neighboring club, may request disaster relief funds from the Lions of Wyoming Foundation.  While the Foundation does not have a specific list of criteria to which funds can be obligated, the Foundation  trustees will determine whether the reasons for the request are justified as well as the amount the Foundation can prudently donate.  The donation will be released to the requesting Lion/Lioness Club for distribution to the appropriate agency.

     Lions Clubs may make requests to the Lions of Wyoming Foundation for a grant.  Unless there are extenuating circumstances, all grants released by the Foundation under this category to Lions clubs or other organizations shall be for projects that are clearly sight related, the blind, or the sight impaired.  The Foundation Board of Trustees will determine the credibility of the grant request, the amount of any disbursed grant, and the worthiness of any request considered an extenuating circumstance.  Any funds disbursed will be to the applying Lion/Lioness Club for release to an appropriate agency or individual.

      It is recommended that the requesting club contact the Foundation office (307-222-8460 or for guidance before beginning the grant application process. 
     The Patient Eye Care Matching Grant Program provides Lions Clubs with matching 50/50 funds to meet special eye care needs in the club’s community.  Any medical treatment of the person’s eyes or need of special visual aids will qualify.  Standard or regular eyeglasses do not qualify.  Any Lions Club may apply to the Lions of Wyoming Foundation for a Patient Eye Care Matching Grant for a person in that club’s community and, in extenuating circumstances, where a neighboring community does not have a Lions Club.
     The Patient Eye Care Matching Grant may be requested by completing an application form. Both application forms and any supporting documents must be submitted to the Foundation office.
     PRIOR GRANT APPROVAL MUST BE GIVEN BEFORE TREATMENT.  Emergencies are the only exception

Policies and Guidelines:
     Before applying for a grant under this program, the interested club and patient should review the policies and guidelines.  Each part of the guidelines must be followed in order for a grant request to receive favorable consideration.  The Foundation reserves the right to ask for additional documentation or interview appropriate individuals if in the opinion of the Foundation those needs exist.  Complete Policy Guidelines

 Application Forms:
     In seeking a grant from the Rocky Mountain Eye Bank Surgery Fund, their application form must be completed by the requesting club.  The patient interview form should be completed in its entirety prior to completing the club’s application form.  If the club wishes to proceed with requesting a grant both forms will be forwarded to the Foundation.  The Foundation will work with the club to help them with the forms.
     Clubs that wish to take part in this program should request all materials directly from the Foundation office.

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