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Summer School

      Each summer, the Lions of Wyoming provide a one week Summer School for youth with vision impairments.  The purpose of the school is to teach independent living skills, compensatory skills, recreation, orientation/mobility and to build confidence and self image. The basis for instruction is the Expanded Core Curriculum for Blind Children, a nationally recognized list of competencies.
       Instructors are certified to work with youth with vision impairments or are content specialists. A registered nurse is on site at all times. Many of the children who attend have multiple disabilities.
       Several of the instructors are blind themselves and use leader dogs. As adults who live and work independently, they serve as wonderful role models.
       The children are each evaluated, and a written report is provided to assist in building Individual Educational Plans when they return home.
      No tuition is charged for students. The parents' only responsibility is to transport the kids to and from the Camp on Casper Mountain. Transportation may be arranged on a case-by-case basis. 
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     Positions are available for student interns as well. 
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Chad, who is himself visually impaired, is a software engineer for Grumman Aircraft in California.  He began coming to the Summer School for visually impaired many years ago when he was a child, as a student.  He later became an intern helping with instruction, and now continues to return every year to provide instruction in Lego Robotics.  Here is a video interview with Chad about what he teaches the kids.

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